Mastery Test

Connecticut Mastery Fitness Testing

The Department of Education mandates that all students attending public schools in the State of Connecticut will be assessed for their individual level of physical fitness by completing the 4 components of the fitness test battery. The individual student results are tabulated and are available upon request, and all test results are reported by the school district to the State Department of Education.

The Components of Fitness that are assessed include:

> Pacer for Cardiovascular/Respiratory (Aerobic) Endurance

> Right Angle Push-up for Upper Body Muscular Strength and Endurance

> Sit and Reach Test for Low Back Muscular Flexibility
(Lower Back disability is the number one work related disability in the U.S. and 80% of the adult population will experience a bout of low back pain at sometime in their life.)

> Curl-up (Sit-up) Test for Abdominal Muscular Strength and Endurance.

> BMI or Body Mass Index is an assessment for Body Composition (Health class)
(This assessment is confidential and determines appropriateness of a child’s weight relative to height)