Medical Concerns-Class Exemptions

What if I am not feeling well or have an injury?

Students are expected to participate to the best of their ability everyday however, there

are times when they do not feel well, have an illness, or an injury.

Students may be excused from participating from class and will be given an alternative assignment as they are responsible for all class work. In order to be excused from participation students must provide their teacher with a note from either a parent, guardian, or relative stating the reason or circumstance.

Students who do not possess a note from home will be referred the nurse for
an evaluation and recommendation for participation in physical education class.

Parents should forward all notes from a physician directly to the school nurse in order to be placed on file the nature of the student’s medical restriction, then at that appropriate time notify their physical education teacher.

The “Policies and Procedures” Guidelines for Physical Education regarding medical illness or injury is posted and on file in the office of the Supervisor of Physical Education and Health Education.