How Will I Be Graded

All students will be graded according to the Physical Education Department¡¦s
Policies and Procedure Guidelines as posted and on file in the office of the Supervisor of Physical Education, and may include but is not limited to the following strategies:

District Required Physical Education Uniform
Students are required to come prepared for class wearing comfortable clothing and footwear that is suitable for exercise and physical activity.
The Stratford School District has adopted a uniform policy that requires all middle school students at both Flood and Wooster Middle Schools to wear a physical education uniform.


Grading ...this component of the currculum is mandatory as outlined by the Stratford BOE and the Department of Fine Arts, Health and Physical Education. Students may earn 100 points for each day they attend Physical Education (this point value my be subject to change), is cummulative in nature, and it is advised that parents review their child's grades on Power Teacher and contact the PE Department with any concerns.

Participation and Effort
Students are required to participate to the best of their ability each day they are scheduled to attend Physical Education.

Students will be asked throughout the year to take a look at their own participation and effort as ¡§they see it through their own eyes¡¨.
They will complete a self-assessment form as it relates to a unit of instruction.

Reflective Writing
Students will be asked throughout the year complete a reflective writing assignment that will ask students to reflect upon their experience in physical education.

Alternative Assignments
Students may be assigned an alternative assignment during a unit of instruction.
This may be in the form of a poster, journal-record keeping log, working as a member of group in a class presentation, completing an independent study project.

Motor Skill Performance
Students will be introduced to a wide variety of games, activities, and sports skills. Acquisition of fundamental motor skills enables students to progress to advanced performance in an activity.

Safety Standards
Engaging in appropriate Safety Standards and Habits are important to all who participate in physical education activities.
This includes entering/exiting the gym, getting prepared in the locker room or
Participating in an activity conducted inside or outside.

Personal Living Skills and Character Education
Students will demonstrate appropriate Personal Living Skills and the traits outlined in the district¡¦s adopted Character Education Model in all aspects
of their participation in Physical Education lessons.

Knowledge Test/Quiz
Students will be given a written test or quiz that will ask students to recall information such as safety considerations, rules, penalties, and game strategy.