Uniform Policy

What do I need to wear for Physical Education class?

Students are expected to come to Physical education class prepared in the proper exercise attire. That means clothing that they can change into and allows them to move comfortably and safely. This policy was adopted to encourage responsibility, and reinforce positive health and wellness habits.

All middle school students in the town of Stratford are required by the district to wear a physical education uniform. Wooster Middle School students will wear a GrayT - Shirt and Gym [Basketball style] Shorts (any color).

Students will participate in activities outside in the Fall and Early Spring therefore, may elect to wear over their uniform a sweatshirt and sweatpants or a windbreaker suit, any color of their choice.

Students may NOT wear capri style pants, jeggins, pajamas, polyester/lycra type material, or jeans/pants, etc. for physical education class. This is a WMS school-wide dress code policy, no exceptions!

Shoes play an important role in safety as well as comfort, most sneakers are appropriate however, flip flops, sandals, open heeled shoes, or sneaker shoes with an elevated sole are not recommended.

Information regarding this uniform policy will be presented during Physical Education Orientation at the start of the school year and then posted in the gym thereafter. Further questions can be addressed to the Supervisor of Health and Physical Education for the Stratford School District.