Study Tips

  1. Block out all your distractions: A lot of you like to work with music on, but that can be one of the biggest distractions around. Study in a room with a desk, lamp, and chair.

  2. Stay Away from your Bed: Once you lie down, your concentration will decrease and you will have a tendency to fall asleep.

  3. Take a Short Break: If you take a short break every 1/2 hour of studying, you will be more apt to remember what you have just read. But don't let those breaks stretch too long! 10 minutes is a perfect break to get something to eat or stretch your legs.

  4. Notes should be kept neat: Make sure all notes are complete. After class, neatly re-write your notes and compare them with another classmate's notes.

  5. For tests: Make sure you review the teacher's study sheet and think of questions that the teacher might ask. Have someone test you by putting questions or vocabulary words on note cards.