Peer Mentoring

Wooster Student Mentoring Program

Mission Statement:
To assist the students in need of help with homework, studying, and test preparation to improve their grades, while instilling in them confidence, self-worth, and friendship.

Program Outline:

  • A meeting is be held with each student and their guidance counselor to offer the program to them.

  • The parents of "at risk" students are informed of the program through the student’s guidance counselor.

  • All of the students who have the desire to participate in the program will be introduced to the student mentors.

Student Mentors:
The building administration will choose 10-12 highly motivated 8th graders to be mentors. An introductory meeting outlining the program, its purpose, and guidelines will take place prior to the start of the program.

Mentor Responsibilities:

  • Mentors are responsible for working with the student to improve their understanding of a specific subject(s) and ultimately their grade in the subject(s).

  • Mentors must commit and be willing to work one on one or in groups with these students

  • Mentors will be in communication with the student’s teacher(s) and/or guidance counselor to identify areas that need attention. Mentors must be willing to dedicate the time necessary to work with the students and in providing encouragement and support.

Student Responsibilities:
Students will be required to regularly attend study sessions, communicate needs to the mentor, and to push themselves to achieve passing grades. They too must be willing to dedicate time and effort to this program.