Teacher Name


Ms. Moore

I. What is Health?

  1. Health or wellness is a state of complete physical, emotional and social well being. There are several aspects to our health: physical, mental, emotional and social. To become healthy we need to become aware of how our lifestyle and choices affect our health. Taking responsibility for our health and considering the consequences of our actions is a sign of maturity.

II. What topics do we discuss in 7th and 8th grade health?

  1. Conflict Resolution and Communication Skills

  2. Relationships and Friendships

  3. Tobacco and other Drugs

  4. Alcohol and Alcoholism

  5. Substance Abuse and Addiction

  6. Nutrition and Fitness

  7. Reproduction and Developmental Changes

  8. Disease Prevention, STI¡¦s, including HIV/AIDS

  9. First Aid and Safety

  10. Stress Management Skills

III. Health grade and guidelines:

  • Class Participation - 30%

  • Homework - 10%

  • Projects - 30%

  • Classwork - 30%

1. Class Participation

  • Be on time to class

  • Come prepared to class (health folder which may be separate from other classes and should not be a pocket in a notebook,
    student assignment book, and pen/pencil)

  • Contribute to class discussions and group work

  • Respect the Rights and Freedoms of students and teacher

  • Use lavatory only when necessary

  • Meet class expectations

2. Homework

  • Expected on time and may be accepted one day late with partial loss of credit

3. Projects

  • Students will work on special projects during the class time.

  • Students will participate in Close Reading assignments and CFAs during class time