NJHS Standards

About the National Junior Honor Society

The National Junior Honor Society was founded in 1929, in the hope of creating an organization that would recognize and encourage academic achievement while also developing character, service, citizenship and leadership. Over seventy years later, these ideals remain steadfast for parents, educators and communities at large. Flood Middle has re-established its chapter affiliation with NJHS in hopes of both contributing to a positive building presence and providing yet another outlet for community involvement by Flood students.

Standards and Selection Process

The selection process for NJHS is based on criteria set forth within the NJHS Handbook (revised 1998). Selection requires a minimum grade point average. Students meeting this initial requirement are invited to submit additional information for the Faculty Council to consider. A Faculty Council of five staff members, not including the adviser or principal, bases their decisions for induction to the Flood Chapter of the NJHS on the additional information provided by the students, feedback from teachers, and possibly an interview with candidates.

The Standards for Consideration are as Follows:


  • Demonstrates initiative when promoting school activities

  • Contributes ideas that improve the civic life of the school

  • Is able to delegate responsibilites

  • Exemplifies positive attitudes

  • Inspires positive behaviors in class

  • Demonstrates academic initiative

  • Demonstrates reliability and dependability

  • Is a leader in the classroom (and in other school or community activities)

  • Is thoroughly dependable in any resonsibility accepted

  • Is willing to uphold scholarship and maintain a loyal school attitude


  • Understands the importance of civic involvement

  • Demonstrates mature participation and responsibilty through involvement with such activities as scouting,
    community organizations, and school clubs


  • Takes criticism willingly and accepts reccomendations graciously

  • Consistently exemplifies desirable qualities of behavior (cheerfulness, friendliness, poise, and stability).

  • Upholds principles of morality and ethics

  • Cooperates by complying with school regulations

  • Demonstrates the highest standards of honesty and reliability

  • Observes instructions and rules, is punctual, and is faithful both inside and outside the classroom

  • Has powers of concentration, self-discipline, and sustained attention as shown by perserverance and application to studies