GED Preparation

Look for Fall 2024 Registration in mid-August

After registering, please reach out to the office to set up your placement test (203)-385-4270

Click HERE to register.


(All of these courses are offered FREE of charge for Stratford and Trumbull residents and $50 per semester for students registering from out of town.)


This program prepares students to pass the 4-part exam to earn a State of Connecticut diploma. Students receive necessary instruction in each subject area and can take practice GED tests with their instructors. Each applicant is required to take a placement exam, and based on the scores will receive their schedule . 

  • Evening programs are held at 55 Fotch Street  Monday - Thursday evenings for 12 weeks.

  • Testing is mandatory for students who have 12+ hours of classes, per the state of CT. These tests are given on site, and happen throughout the semester. If applicable the office will contact students.  

Date of Birth (from Driver License, State of CT Identification Card, Passport or Official Birth Certificate) and proof of Stratford or Trumbull Residency must be provided upon registration. 17 and 18 year old applicants must have officially withdrawn from day school. Childcare is not available.