Student Data Privacy

Stratford Public Schools is committed to protecting the privacy of its community and utilizing technology that gives students an engaging and safe educational experience. Stratford Public Schools complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). For more details on FERPA, please visit the U.S. Department of Education's FERPA webpage.

Stratford Public Schools collects and uses data from our students and teachers to inform instructional practice and improve the learning experience. In some cases, this data is not stored on our local servers. In all cases where data may be stored or accessible outside the district, that vendor must comply with FERPA regulations. Many of our vendors have already taken the Student Privacy Pledge.

Effective October 1, 2016, all new contracts must also comply with CT State law, CT PA16-189. This page will serve as an informational gateway for the Stratford Public Schools compliance with PA16-189.

If you have any questions regarding student data privacy, please contact me.

Matt Rivers

Director of Technology

(203) 381-6962

The SPS Reviewed Digital Resources list includes all resources reviewed by Stratford Public Schools and their status. Resources that adhere to student data privacy regulations are marked "Approved." The list includes a tab for Resources Digital Resources and another for Contractors. Here is a description of each and their subcomponents:

  • Digital Resources are apps, websites, software or any web-based subscriptions.

    • Apps are software downloaded from the internet that typically run on mobile devices. Stratford Public Schools purchases these apps for use on district devices (i.e. iPads, or Chromebooks).

    • Websites, in this case, refers to a collection of related webpages accessible through a browser that require student login.

    • Subscriptions are digital resources that are purchased on an annual basis to support our instructional mission. These typically involve some form of cloud-based computing.

  • Contractors are operators or consultants with access to any type of student data (records, information or content).

You may scroll through this list to view the resources that have been reviewed by the district.

SPS Reviewed Digital Resources