Mentor: A wise and trusted friend and guide

The goal of the Mentoring program is to improve the lives of Stratford’s students through relationships with caring adult mentors.

Mentoring Programs available to students in the Stratford Public Schools

  • In-School Mentoring Program—establishes a relationship with a caring adult who listens attentively to a student who would benefit from positive support and encouragement from an adult role model.

    • ACE Mentoring Program--an after school program for students interested in careers in Architecture, Construction or Engineering. Students work with industry professionals on authentic projects designed to expose them to related careers and educational opportunities.

    • Electronic Mentoring Program--connects students electronically with professional mentors who are employees at local and national companies. The purpose of this program is for students to gain a better knowledge of various career fields and the education and skills required for these careers. Students communicate with mentors through a secure web-site or e-mail box.

Benefits of Mentoring to Youth

  • Improved academic performance

    • Increased self-esteem

    • Improved school attendance

    • Increased communications

    • Improved peer/family relationships

    • Increased sense of career direction

Mentors Benefit as Well

  • Feel better about themselves for having influenced a child’s life

    • Return to work happier and more productive

    • Experience increased morale

    • Get along better with own spouse, children, and significant others

The Stratford Public Schools invite you to become a Mentor or Volunteer

Several times over the school year, Stratford partners with the Governor’s Prevention Partnership program to provide training to anyone who is interested in becoming a mentor or volunteer. The training usually takes place in October and then again in January during National Mentoring Month.