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Stratford Public Schools makes every attempt to ensure that students in the Stratford Public School system are bona fide residents of Stratford, unless otherwise accommodated by the law (i.e. McKinney-Vento, DCF Placements, etc.). 

An "Anonymous Tip" line is available for callers to provide information they may have about students who are not considered to be bona fide residents.   Please call 203-385-4242 and give a detailed report which may include student/family name, address, make of car, etc.    An investigation will be conducted by our Residency Officer.   Due to privacy laws that protect student confidentiality, please understand you will not be given a follow up or report of the investigation outcome. 

Residency Policy - Policy 5118 Non-Resident Students

Once you've registered in our district, your residency can be determined /proven by providing the following documents:

  1. Current Lease or Mortgage Statement.

  2.  Utility Bills

    1. Electric

    2. Gas

    3. Water

    4. TV Service (Optimum, Frontier, etc.

  • Once you have established residency; should you move within Stratford a Change of Address is necessary. This can be done at your child's school. To view and/or print the form - Click Here

  • If you have none of the items above (to submit as proof of residency), please complete the Residency Affidavit (Subject to Review) - Click Here