A Special Note about the DRESS CODE

We, at Bunnell High School, are in the business of educating children/young adults. Our school is a place for learning and students should be dressed appropriately. Please do not allow your student to wear inappropriate clothing to school, especially the following: pajamas, lounge pants, flip flops, spaghetti straps, head scarves, hats, coats, gloves/mittens, winter scarves, bandanas, short shorts or skirts, low cut shirts/blouses, tank tops, slippers, & t-shirts/clothing advertising alcohol, drugs, weapons, or with sexually suggestive wording. Offenders will be asked to change their clothes and may be subject to further disciplinary action. Thank you for your support in helping us maintain a positive learning environment for all students. Click here to read the Board of Education Policy for Student Dress Code, please review it with your son/daughter.

Electronic Devices in School

Every Bunnell student has an assigned Chromebook. They are responsble for bringing this chromebook to school every day, fully charged. Therefore, parents are reminded that students are not allowed to use electronic devices (including cell phones, tablets and IPOD/MP3 players, etc.) in the classroom. Students may use these devices appropriately in the hallways during passing times and in the school cafeteria but all electronic devices need to be turned off once class begins. Headphones, earbuds and earpods are not permitted for use at any time. Please do not call or text message your student during the school day. Violators of this policy will have their electronic device confiscated by the teacher (after 1 warning) and eventually turned in to the main office for repeated offenses. Parents may also be contacted to pick up their child’s electronic device. Students are subject to disciplinary consequences as well.

In the event of an emergency, calls should be made to the main office (203) 385-4250.

Important Notice to All Students!

Obligations = office detentions; book fines; lab fees; lost books; etc..
Obligations remain on file in the office until they are resolved. This means that a lost book that was not found or paid for in your sophomore year remains an obligation until it is rectified. This also applies to detentions. For example, detentions from your freshman year that were not made up transfer to your sophomore year and will accumulate through your senior year. Any student that has obligations will not be allowed to purchase tickets to the junior ring dance, winter cotillion, sophomore pin dance, or senior prom. Also, any senior with obligations will not be allowed to attend the senior picnic or walk in the graduation ceremony. Please see your administrator regarding resolving your obligations.