Technology Education

Stratford's Technology Education department has been very progressive in keeping abreast of the future of Technology Education in Connecticut. The goal is to prepare students to effectively use technology to prepare for careers in the fastest growing job industry. Technology courses offer all students an opportunity to succeed in school and prepare for further education and the workforce.

The Technology Education department constantly monitors the technological workplace and how technology drives our economy. Courses offered in the high schools reflect technology advancements and changes in the economy and job market. Students are exposed to the vast array of career opportunities that exist in our society. The curriculum supports all academic areas and allows students to apply knowledge and skills to real problem-based activities. Accessing, analyzing, and communicating data are essential skills in order for our students to be successful lifelong learners.

Stratford's dynamic problem-solving and design-based program enables students to gain hands-on experiences that demonstrate technology's infrastructure, scientific principles, and an understanding of how things work. Students in our Technology Education courses have the opportunity to create, invent, design, transform, produce, make, control, maintain, and use technology systems. Technology tools can accommodate the learning styles of each student, and therefore are learning enablers for all students.