Essential Understandings

Essential Questions and Enduring Understandings for World Languages

Standard 1: Communication

Essential Questions

  • Why is it important to communicate in another language?

  • How can your communication with a foreign speaker be more meaningful if you speak his or her language?

Enduring Understandings
As the world moves toward a global community, it is increasingly important for World Language study to result in proficiencies that enable students to engage in conversations, interpret authentic materials, and present concepts in a language other than their own.

Standard 2: Cultures

Essential Questions

  • Why is it important to understand the perspectives (value systems) of another culture?

  • How do the products and practices of a culture come from these value systems or perspectives of a culture?

Enduring Understandings
The sharing and learning about customs and products increase students’ understanding of the cultural perspectives that generate patterns of behavior, ways of life, world views, and contributions in the multiple countries and regions where the language is spoken.

Standard 3: Connections

Essential Questions

  • How can the study of a World Language enhance your knowledge of other disciplines?

  • What can you read about in your World Language that you would not be exposed to in your native language?

Enduring Understanding
As students increase their proficiency in another language, they acquire skills, which empower them to gain knowledge in other disciplines and sensitivity to a variety of viewpoints in the target cultures.

Standard 4 - Comparisons

Essential Questions

  • How are thought processes organized into the structure of different languages?

  • Why do different cultures have different value systems?

Enduring Understandings
Students develop their critical thinking ability as they become aware of the similarities and differences between their first and subsequent languages. In so doing, they gain new perspectives regarding their own language and culture.

Standard 5: Communities

Essential Questions

  • Where can you use the language other than the classroom?

  • How can learning a World Language enrich your life?

Enduring Understandings
Learning a World Language opens doors to a greater variety of career options, increased lifelong learning opportunities, and enhanced leisure activities.