ASVAB Testing



The four major branches of the military are the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, and the Marines. There are also military opportunities in the Coast Guard, the National Guard, and the Reserves.

ROTC programs are available to those students who want to attend college before they enter the military and the four military academies provide excellent educational opportunities for those students who qualify. Students who enlist are obligated to serve 2–6 years of active duty. Enlisting in the military is a long term commitment and it is very difficult to leave before the enlistment period is over.

Students can learn about a specific branch of the military by calling the following numbers and /or visiting the websites.

ARMY 203 372-0042
NAVY 203 374-5639
AIR FORCE 203 372-6970
MARINES 203 365-8423

The Reserves and the National Guard: Reservists are part-time members of the military. They do not go on active duty, but participate in basic training and job training. They train for two days a month and for two weeks once a year. They receive free college tuition at state schools and an educational stipend.

Connecticut Army National Guard
63 Armory Rd
Stratford, CT 06614

Reservists can be called to active duty in the event of a conflict or a national emergency.

The ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery): To enlist, students must earn a minimum score on this test. The ASVAB is an eleven part, three hour test designed to identify a student’s aptitudes and strengths. The higher a student’s ASVAB scores, the more career and training options he/she will have.

The ASVAB is also an excellent skills assessment and interest inventory that can assist all students in their career planning needs. The ASVAB scores provide one measure of student’s skills and abilities. The personality profile helps students identify their interests and clarify what is important to them. Students then have the opportunity to explore over 400 occupations according to their skill level and areas of interest.

Students should see their counselor if they are interested.