Career Center

College and Career Learning Center
Location: D7

203-385-4250 ext - 3465

The College and Career Learning Center is a multi-purpose meeting/presentation room in the School Counseling Office. It is a resource where all students can research information about college and career planning, find out about job-shadowing experiences and activities that they can pursue in high school or participate in a variety of presentations from counselors and college/career representatives.

Over the course of the school year over 75 college representatives come to the College and Career center to give presentations to our students. Students can sign up for College Rep visits in their Naviance account under the Colleges tab.

The College and Career Center is also the site where students come to work on their Student Success Plan activities (SSP). All students in the state of Connecticut are mandated to develop an electronic (SSP). Students come to the center with their teachers and classmates throughout the year to work on developmental guidance activities that focus on academic, career and personal/social development. Students engage in lessons where they are given the opportunity to learn more about their interests, personalities, higher education choices and possible career pathways. Student Success Plans are housed in students Naviance accounts.

In addition the College and Career Center offers individual assistance to students and families in all aspects of self-discovery and college/career search including:

• Using and understanding the Naviance/Family connection program
• Interest Surveys
• Career Clusters and Pathway Programs
• Job Shadowing opportunities
• Volunteer and employment opportunities
• Clubs and service organizations
• Research on college majors and technical education
• Information about 2-year and 4-year colleges
• College and technical education search programs
• College Application procedures
• SAT/ACT testing information and strategies
• Financial Aid and Scholarships

The College and Career Center is staffed by a Career Counselor and the School Counseling staff of BHS.