College Application Procedure

Checklist For Processing Your College and Scholarship Applications

1. Personally submit to your counselor the following completed items:

a. Senior Questionnaire (by October 30th)

b. Records Release Form- Parent and student signatures are required to release records (October 30th)

c. Activity Sheet (Submit to counselor along with transcript request form 10 school days prior to application due date)

d. Transcript Request Form: This form indicates where your counselor needs to send your official supporting documents. This form must include all colleges and scholarship programs to which you are applying. You must submit this form to your counselor in order for your transcript and recommendations to be sent. (Submit this form to your counselor 10 school days prior to the college application due date to ensure that all application deadlines are met)

e. Paper clip (4) first-class stamps per application to Transcript Release Form

f. Secondary School Report (if applicable)

g. Mid-term Report Form (if applicable)

2. Meet with counselor to discuss college choices and to interview for letter of recommendation.

3. Ask one or two academic/subject area teacher(s) for letter(s) of recommendation and provide them with an activity sheet. It is recommended that you allow 3 weeks for your teacher to complete your recommendation to ensure that they have ample time to complete this request.


4. Submit your college essay, application fee and your activity sheet with your application. Put your name and social security number on the top of each page if mailing. Please ask for help from your counselor or teacher. Carefully review all materials.

5. Complete all applications, sign them and include application fee. Submit your applications directly to the college via mail or online. Your counselor will be happy to assist you in reviewing the application prior to submitting.

6. January 1st Deadlines: If you wish to have your applications processed by the holiday recess, please submit all forms described in #1 above and meet with your counselor prior to December 10.

7. SAT/ACT Scores: Scores need to be officially sent to every school where you have applied. Official scores to colleges must be sent directly from the College Board or ACT. If you request that scores be sent before your test date, the first 4 schools are included in the cost of registration. If you choose to wait to see your results before sending them a fee will be required. No SAT or ACT scores will appear on the transcript.

Important Websites:

College Board.........www.collegeboard

8. Common Application: This application is available in paper format or can be sent electronically. Make sure you have completed all supplemental sections for each college required.

Website: (See detailed instructions in this booklet)

9. Student-Athletes: Athletes planning to participate in Division 1 or 2 sports in college must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center in the spring of their junior year or the fall of their senior year.

> Visit for online forms and instructions. Please print out and bring the NCAA release of records form which requests mailing an official transcript to your counselor’s office.

10. Copies: Keep copies of everything you submit, especially financial aid information.

11. Bunnell’s High School code or CEEB code is: 070756

12. Some colleges ask for your counselor’s name, telephone number and email:

Andrea Brace

Phone: 203.385.4255
Fax: 203.381.2000

13. Scholarship Applications: Follow procedures listed in items 1-7 above.


Watch Your Deadlines!