Apply to as many colleges as you and your parents feel is necessary. Since most colleges require an application fee, multiple applications can be expensive as well as time consuming. Use sound judgment and common sense when deciding upon how many colleges to which to apply.

It is recommended that a minimum of FOUR APPLICATIONS be processed: One application to what we refer to as a Reach School. A Reach. School is a college you would very much like to attend but the admissions standards at the college seem to be above your academic qualifications.

Two applications to what we refer to as a Realistic Choice. A Realistic Choice School is a college you would like to attend and whose admissions criteria corresponds to your own academic qualifications.

One application to what we refer to as a Back-Up School. A Back-Up School is a college whose admissions criteria clearly qualifies you for acceptance. This type of school may appear to be below your own potential. This type of school acts as a safety valve and may be a college from which you will later transfer to another college of your choice. Select your Back-Up School with care considering three, criteria: You can get into school, the school has the type of program you desire, and you can afford to attend regardless of whether you receive financial aid or not.

In early fall download or access college applications online for all colleges in which you have an interest. Keep in mind that it takes time to complete applications and required essays. Pay careful attention to application deadlines. Undue delays can affect your admissions status.

Paper applications may also be obtained in the Guidance Office or downloaded directly from the college/university website. A limited number of state colleges and state university applications are available in paper version in the Guidance Office.

Listen politely to well-intentioned neighbors, relatives, and friends; then rely on the recommendations of professionally trained and qualified personnel.

The later a qualified student applies to a college under a Rolling Admissions Policy, the greater the chance of being denied admissions because all available openings are filled; or if admitted, is unable to secure dormitory residence; or if admitted, is unable to obtain financial assistance because all available funds have been exhausted.

Submit all applications directly to the college. Your counselor will send your transcript, report card, counselor letter of recommendation and teacher letters of recommendation.

Allow your counselor a minimum of ten school days before the application deadline to send supporting documentation (transcript, report card, recommendations). Early Decision candidates make note of this requirement. Students must submit a transcript request form along with necessary paperwork to their counselor, in order for transcripts to be processed and sent to the appropriate colleges/universities.

It is recommended that you have all applications submitted prior to January 1st.

Be alert to all application deadlines and be careful to meet these deadlines.

Once you have decided upon the college that you will attend and have been accepted at this college, you should notify all other colleges of your decision to attend this college. This consideration will allow the other colleges to contact students on the waiting list and offer admissions to them.

Report all acceptances and rejections to your guidance counselor.