Mentoring Programs

Ace Mentoring Program

The ACE Mentoring Program is an after-school activity for students interested in careers in Architecture, Construction, or Engineering. Students work with industry professionals on authentic projects designed to expose them to related careers and educational opportunities.

E-Mentor Program

Electronic mentoring is part of the Career Planning Seminar offered to 11th and 12th grade students. This program will link students with mentors who are employees at local and national companies. The purpose of this program is for students to gain a better knowledge of various career fields and the education and skills required for these careers. Students communicate with mentors through a secure web-site or e-mail box.

In-School Mentoring Program

The In-School Mentoring Program is a one to one activity for students who would benefit from personal interaction with an adult.

Peer Mentoring Program

The Peer Mentoring Program allows upperclassmen in good academic standing to link up with students that may be struggling to reach success in their course work or in the social setting. Mentors are tied directly with the school's SRBI Program.