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New SAT Score - Reporting Policy — Score Choice

Designed to reduce student stress and improve the test-day experience, the College Board (collegeboard.org) has approved Score Choice, an important change to the current SAT score-reporting policy. This new policy gives students the option to choose to send SAT scores by sitting (test date) and SAT Subject Test scores by individual test. The new score-reporting feature launched in spring 2009, and was first available to students participating in the March 2009 test administration.

Score Choice will only affect scores submitted to colleges and universities; all scores will still appear on score reports given to students and counselors. Also, colleges and universities will continue to set their own test requirements policies, which may vary from college to college.



• Score Choice will be available to all students via the Web or by calling Customer Service (toll free within the United States).

• Students will be able to select which scores they send to colleges by sitting (test date) for the SAT and by individual test for the SAT Subject Tests.

• Scores from an entire SAT test (critical reading, writing, and mathematics sections) will be sent—scores of individual sections from different sittings cannot be selected independently for sending.

No additional cost

• Students can send any or all scores to a college on a single report—it will not cost more to send one, multiple, or all test scores.

• Score choice is free for up to four colleges if you select it upon registration and up to nine days after your test date. If you choose to enable Score Choice after this time, you will pay the applicable additional score report sending fee.

• Score Choice will be an optional feature. Students should still feel comfortable sending all scores, since most colleges consider a student’s best score.