Teacher of the Year 2024

The Stratford Public School district is pleased to announce Mrs. Susan Maida as 2024 Stratford Teacher of the Year.

Video: https://youtu.be/-s6br8U0NSs

For the past fourteen years, Mrs. Maida has been a beacon of light for the Stratford and Eli Whitney School communities. She has worked through countless challenges, including the pandemic, always seeking ways to engage and celebrate all children. The hutch outside of her classroom is filled with photos of children in her class, the students wear “Mrs. Maida’s Crew” shirts, and she greets them with a hug, high five, wave or a fist bump each morning at the door. Mrs. Maida is a graduate of Bunnell High School and exemplifies the District’s Portrait of a Graduate as a communicator, collaborator, lifelong learner, solution driven problem solver, and compassionate and engaged community member. Mrs. Maida is always willing to help out when needed. She serves on the Kindness Committee, helps organize Eli Whitney’s annual Kindness Breakfasts, and assists with after-school intramurals.

Mrs. Maida’s philosophy of education is simple, “Children need to feel nurtured and loved; the classroom is their safe haven, “our” home away from home”. Parents and students are happy to share their experiences and love for Mrs. Maida. All you need to do is walk by Mrs. Maida’s classroom in the morning to see all of her former students going past her classroom because they want to start their day with a greeting from Mrs. Maida before they head off to their own classes. Mrs. Maida speaks proudly about Eli Whitney and the Stratford community that she loves. She has two daughters, Emma and Maya, attending Eli Whitney but treats and loves all of her students as if they were her own. As Stratford’s 2024 Teacher of the Year, we celebrate her. Each and every day she demonstrates “outrageous love” for the teaching profession and all of the children of Eli Whitney.

Principal Rob Veteri expressed, "Mrs. Maida is a superstar and an amazing asset to the field. She continues to make a huge impact on the lives of her students. A well-deserved honor!"