Athletic Training Room Rules

Athletic Training Room (ATR) Rules

  • All Athletes MUST sign in

  • No Cleats or Turf Shoes

  • No Food or Drink (water is ok)

  • Proper attire at all times (practice gear)

  • No swearing or foul language

  • Ask before taking anything

  • Be Patient; there are a lot of people in the ATR at times

  • All equipment & back packs are to be left outside of the room

  • Report Injuries the same day; the quicker I know about it the better it will be taken care of

  • ATR is not a lounge – you CANNOT just hang out or bring friends for “support”

  • Don’t talk about others (teachers, peers, coaches, etc)

  • No Yelling

  • No shoes on the table

  • It’s Athletic Trainer and Athletic Training Room – not trainer/training room