Mission and Expectations

Stratford Public Schools Mission Statement

The mission of the Stratford school community is to ensure that all students acquire the knowledge, character and 21st century skills to succeed through high quality learning experiences and community partnerships within a culture of diversity and respect.

Core Values

Students will acquire content knowledge, strengthen higher-order thinking, and develop character in order to address 21st century challenges.

Core Beliefs for Learning

We believe that:

  • a safe, positive school climate that embraces diversity is essential to ensure respect and opportunity for each individual

  • students should understand the world beyond their community in order to contribute to a global society

  • parents and students must share responsibility and work in partnership with the school in order to improve academic performance and to develop lifelong learners

  • students should use technology effectively to acquire, process, and deliver information

Portrait of a Graduate


21st Century Skills that transfer across grade levels and content areas

The portrait of the graduate is reflected in our culture and drives curriculum, instruction, and assessment

We are currently in the process of creating rubrics to help students and teachers assess skills