Student Council

Officers 2024 - 2025


Kalie Pena

Vice President

Zoe Bernard


Hailey Wishart


Hannah Wishart


Mrs. Jessica Teague, Room K236 - Mrs. Kerry Lynch, Room K234

Meeting Dates:

Announcements made for monthly meetings as needed

Please click the link below to view the Student Council by-laws. Student Council By-Laws

Please click the link below to view the National Association of Student Councils website.

NASC website

The Student Council is the student government of Stratford High School. Student Council offers are elected in the spring. These delegates work on committees for major school events such as elections, open house, blood drives, spirit weeks, homecoming, and participate in fundraising and in community service activities. Students who want to be involved in our school and make a difference may file a petition to become a member of the SHS Student Council.