English National Honor Society

Advisors: Mrs. Teague and Mrs. Bourjaili, K236

Meeting Dates/Times: Meetings are held monthly

Our mission is to encourage a school-wide appreciation of English Language Arts, raise the general level of writing, and acknowledge exemplary English language arts students at SHS. Our members must be passionate about English Language Arts and be excellent writers. They will be expected to demonstrate their love for the subject while using their writing capabilities to benefit the SHS community. In order to become a member, students:

  • must be currently enrolled in an Honors, ECE, or AP English course

  • need to have taken at least one other Honors, ECE, or AP English course at some point at SHS

  • must have a current GPA of at least a 3.0

  • must have a B+ average in all English classes taken

  • must have completed a certain number of community service hours

  • when invited to, must complete an application