Business Education

Samantha Rosenberg
Coordinator, Career & Technology Education
Stratford Public Schools

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Career and Technology Education is a vital component of Stratford's comprehensive educational system. Courses in Business Education, Family and Consumer Sciences, and Technology Education prepare students for the various roles they will play as economically and technologically literate citizens. Today's students need to function in a diverse global economy and will need to know how to create and manage information, make decisions, solve problems, and be responsible and productive citizens.

In our current society, success for both business and individuals requires more than content mastery. The workplace of today requires skills in human relationships, self-management, teamwork, leadership, problem solving and critical thinking. Students need to be sensitive to ethical issues, understand cultural diversity, and have strong work values and interpersonal skills.

The Business Education department collaborates with businesses and the community to provide students with learning experiences that are authentic and necessary for the 21st Century. The curriculum integrates core academic subjects to prepare students to be economically literate, technologically savvy and ethically prepared to meet the global challenges of tomorrow.

As social, political, individual, and business needs emerge, the business education curriculum changes to meet those needs. The curriculum enables students to analyze, synthesize and evaluate situations and problems using concepts and technology learned in class. The curriculum is designed to enable students throughout their lifetime to:

  • develop competencies in managing financial resources

  • analyze relationships between ethics and the law

  • master oral and written communication skills

  • understand the economy and economic systems

  • learn about the global marketplace

  • use technology effectively

  • understand the ever-evolving requirements of the workplace and the relationship of lifelong learning to career success.