Family & Consumer Sciences

Samantha Rosenberg
Coordinator, Career & Technology Education
Stratford Public Schools

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Career and Technology Education is a vital component of Stratford's comprehensive educational system. Courses in Business Education, Family and Consumer Sciences, and Technology Education prepare students for the various roles they will play as economically and technologically literate citizens. Today's students need to function in a diverse global economy and will need to know how to create and manage information, make decisions, solve problems, and be responsible and productive citizens.

In our current society, success for both business and individuals requires more than content mastery. The workplace of today requires skills in human relationships, self-management, teamwork, leadership, problem solving and critical thinking. Students need to be sensitive to ethical issues, understand cultural diversity, and have strong work values and interpersonal skills.

The Family & Consumer Sciences department prepares students for success in their personal and professional lives. The curriculum reinforces learning that takes place in the classroom and creates a purpose in the real world through the use of technology, mathematical skills and literacy. Academic skills are strengthened through the rigorous curriculum and authentic applications.

Courses in Family and Consumer Sciences expose students to a vast array of careers with an excellent future occupational outlook. Changes in the structure of the typical family have made it crucial for every student to be exposed to information and life skills that will help them learn about family life with real life experiences.

Students of all levels benefit from Family and Consumer Science classes and in many cases experience success where they may not have elsewhere. When students are successful, their self-esteem is increased and they make better choices, both personally and educationally.

Employers today are looking for well-rounded individuals who can apply knowledge, use technology, make wise decisions, manage time, and work cooperatively and independently. All Family and Consumer Sciences curricula infuse these skills across the curriculum and constantly encourage strong character and responsibility.