Seniors should check their NAVIANCE Student accounts for scholarships available; They are regularly updated and applications can be printed directly from the Naviance site.


1. Students should log onto their NAVIANCE STUDENT accounts.

2. When the student's Naviance page opens, students should click on "Colleges" in the upper right and corner.

3. Students should then click on, "Scholarships and Money".

4. The Scholarships posted and updated by Stratford High School will appear under, "Scholarship List".


In Navaince Student, there are also other links to scholarship search engines under "Scholarships and Money" for seniors to access.


  • Keep close attention to the due dates. Due date is when the application is due to the scholarship committee.

  • Counselors need 7 days to process an application. Applications given to their counselors with less than 7 days to process may not be mailed out in enough time to be received by the scholarship committee.

  • When submitting a scholarship application to your counselor to be mailed, you MUST supply an addressed envelope and at least 3 stamps per application for supporting documents.