Capt Portfolio

The online science portfolio assignment is designed to help students meet the Connecticut Academic Performance Test (CAPT) state high school graduation requirement. The assignments cover skills that make up the instructional focus of both Studies in Science and Biology and which are assessed by the State of Connecticut on the CAPT during the spring of the 10th grade year.

Please follow the directions below and complete all assignments by April 1st. This will allow time for the assignments to be reviewed and for you to be notified if any assignments do not meet the proficiency standard and need to be resubmitted. If you have any questions please see your science teacher, guidance counselor, or contact the science department head, Mr. Vigliotti ( who can be found in the science office.

Portfolio Process Overview

Go online and join Google Classroom read the experimental scenarios, to see the questions, and submit your answers:

  1. Login to your district Google account

  2. Go to, click the + in the top right-hand corner of the screen, and select “Join class”

  3. Make sure you join the class as a student

  4. Enter the class code: 94ptuw3

  5. Click the .pdf file attached at the bottom of each assignment and read the scenario and see the questions

  6. Click the attached form to submit your answers to the questions

Submit answers by April 1

Meeting the Proficiency Standard

Successful completion is based on a 12-point scoring scale

  • Upon submission you will receive an email to your Gmail account with your score and a list of any questions you answered incorrectly

  • To meet the proficient standard you must average a score of 7 across the six assignments

  • If you do not meet the standard on the first try you will be allowed to resubmit

  • You do not need to resubmit all assignments, only those which you scored below a 7

    • For assignment #5 you will not receive a score – the requirement is complete with the submission of the four conclusions

    • For assignment #6 the score is out of 24 – you should resubmit if you score below 14/24