Essential Understandings

  1. Products are a result of human inputs, processes and feedback.

  2. Different materials require different processes and safety considerations.

  3. Safety habits are learned behaviors.

  4. Leadership is a learned behavior.

  5. Practice makes permanence; make sure you’re building good habits.

  6. Material is changed through separating, combining or forming processes.

  7. Effective problem solvers work to understand the problem before attempting a solution.

  8. An impossible problem can be made possible by applying what you already know.

  9. Applying knowledge leads to understanding.

  10. Technological understanding requires learning and doing.

  11. Decisions about what to use and how to use it, affects the end result.

  12. Technology is neutral; its use however has positive and/or negative consequences.

  13. Trial and Error is a form of innovation.

  14. A functional system is comprised of sub systems.

  15. Technological achievement warrants ethical considerations.

  16. Society’s expectations drive innovation.

  17. Intellectual properties are protected by legal and ethical principles.

  18. Research develops knowledge, which instills invention and enhances innovation.

  19. Technology is the result of a creative act.

  20. Technology is ever changing.

  21. Energy is critical to human development.

  22. Earth’s fossil fuel energy supply if finite.

  23. Technology is used to increase the capacity of our environment to support life.

  24. Land, fluid, gas and space environments bring challenges to technological practices.

  25. Ideas require action to become real.

  26. New and emerging technologies influence educational needs.

  27. Technological advancement changes career demands (job expectations).

  28. Attention to details can make ordinary work extraordinary.

  29. Keep it simple.

  30. Answers to critical questions narrow the problem.

  31. Measure twice; cut once.

  32. Think before performing.

  33. History is important to the future.

  34. Team success depends on communication and collaboration.

  35. Research and Development is a complex process that has constraints.