About Us

Instructor - James O'Neil

This full-year course offers students an experience in all of the dimensions of yearbook production. Students learn principles of yearbook production and develop skills that include: writing, creating captions and headlines, digital photography, desktop publishing, interviewing, marketing, graphic design and using other appropriate technology tools for media production. Yearbook production promotes teamwork and supports student’s development as writers, photographers, editors, independent users of technology and as responsible contributing members of the Stratford High School community.

The  goal of the course is to create a 200 page high quality publication and market it for sale to the student body. The school yearbook will be completed by the end of March and distributed at the end of May. During the remainder of the school year, the students will use their yearbook production skills to create a personal project as well as interview students for to spring athletics and activities and complete tasks that facilitate the construction of next year’s yearbook.