SAT Prep

Standardized Testing Information
for Students With Disabilities & 504 Accomodations

All students requesting testing accommodations must file a SSD Student Eligibility Form with CollegeBoard well ahead of the firts testing date. *(Forms are available in the Guidance Office.) Once an eligibility form is filed, student with receive a Student Eligibility Letter, including accommodations. This letter should be kept throughout high school and a copy sent with the registration form each time the student registers for the SAT/SAT Subject Tests.

Students may also register on line. Copies are also on file in the Guidance Office.

If a student has registered before for the SAT, the student can re-register for the SAT by phone using the student's SSD code number. Call 609-771-7137 The student must tell the representative that he or she wants to re-register for the SAT with accommodations and give the SSD Eligibility Code.

***CollegeBoard recommends that students fill Eligibility Forms at the end of the student's freshman year, but they may also be filed later***

Test Dates and Registration Deadlines

Please visit for current test sites and dates.